Services offered by CBD fall under two categories

Based on our extensive research and the many years of experience in the driver services field, we have primarily the following categories of services for our clients. Both the services are highly customizable and we are always willing to offer services based on our client needs.

Temporary Basis (Hourly or Daily or Outstation Route basis)

The service here can range from hiring a driver on an hourly basis, or daily basis. Very suitable for any short functions that you may have. You can engage our drivers on a need basis and ensure your money is wisely spent. Please do check our tariff page for the best prices available.

Permanent Basis (On a Monthly Basis)

This service type is ideally suited for a long term fixed engagement of the driver service. If you wish to have a chauffeur for dropping and picking up of members consistently then this is a very suitable service for you.

Drivers at CBD take pride in their quality of service, safety and punctuality. All our drivers are personally verified and hold a valid drivers’ license. Having many years of experience in the driving field the drivers have very good hands on experience in handling all types of vehicles, from hatchback cars, Sedans, SUVs to top end luxury vehicles.